"God's work. Our hands." Sunday

September 2017

On Sunday, September 10, churches across the country will participate in "God's work. Our hands." Sunday. Please consider partnering with LSC on this day to complete a meaningful service project. Congregations can sponsor a collection, lead an activity, or host an event. For more ideas, download the document below.

"God's work. Our hands." Project Ideas


For more information, contact:

Kristen Kitchen, Director of Donor Relations                 Ellen Watts, Donor Relations Specialist

P.O. Box 947, Salisbury, NC 28145                              P.O. Box 947, Salisbury, NC 28145

(704) 754-8229                                                         (704) 603-1696

kkitchen@LSCarolinas.net                                           ewatts@LSCarolinas.net

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