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LSC has a long history of serving extensively vetted refugees fleeing from war or persecution who come to this country with few or no resources. Since 1979, LSC has resettled close to 12,000 refugees throughout the Carolinas, helping them achieve the goal of self-sufficiency within 180 days of arrival. LSC has succeeded in finding employment for the majority of newly-arrived refugees within that time frame. Finding safe, affordable housing for refugees, however, is often a challenge, and a lack of stable housing options negatively impacts finding and maintaining steady employment. Dedicated housing designed to help refugees overcome this obstacle can move them more quickly along the path toward independence. 

Welcome House

To learn about how members of St. Andrew's in Columbia are welcoming the stranger, click here. Your campaign gift can help with much-needed renovations at the former parsonage that now houses newly arriving refugees. 



Campaign Goals:

$500,000 to acquire temporary housing for newly-arrived refugees in the Charleston area.

In 2016, LSC opened a new refugee office in Charleston and seeks to acquire multi-family housing in the Charleston metro area with a capacity to serve three to four families at a time, for three months or less until more permanent housing can be found. 

$20,000 for maintenance and improvements to Welcome House in the Midlands. 

In partnership with St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Columbia, LSC operates a Welcome House to provide temporary housing for nearly 100 refugees arriving in the Midlands each year. Much needed improvements will enhance the experience of refugees who spend their first nights in their new country at the Welcome House. 

$20,000 to purchase technology to support services for refugees. 

Tablet computers will be purchased for caseworkers, who spend 75 percent of their time out in the community interacting with refugees. Use of tablets by field staff will increase personal engagement and involvement and improve client results by enabling staff and refugees to provide more timely information and options. 


LSC's refugee services program relies on the support of churches, which provide financial and volunteer support. 


A volunteer prepares to welcome a refugee family at the airport.  



LSC serves refugees in the areas of Columbia and Charleston. 


Here, an LSC staff member greets a Congolese refugee family at the Charleston airport. 






If you are interested in learning more about Love One Another, please contact Heidi Rixman, director of development, at or Pastor Ray Mohrmann, development officer, at or call 1-800-HELPING.  

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