Volunteers are an indispensable part of life throughout Lutheran Services Carolinas. Compassionate people with loving spirits and generous hearts, volunteers contribute thousands of hours in time and talent to LSC annually. Those individuals who donate 100 hours or more of volunteer services during a calendar year are named to the LSC Shepherd Society.

Trinity volunteers

Trinity senior living communities and adult day service programs are active, busy places where multiple generations meet in a spirit of fellowship and cooperation. Schools, clubs, and civic groups are afforded opportunities for intergenerational projects, community service, internships, and job experience. Volunteers can lead educational, cultural, and musical events, or donate expertise in graphic design, gardening, technology, exercise, or wellness.

Volunteers can also help frail nursing home residents with individualized attention by visiting at bedside, and by helping with reading, writing or simple tasks when needed. Volunteers also assist with meals and snacks or simply provide companionship and a bit of extra attention.

Other volunteers opportunities

The child and family programs of LSC are continually looking for individuals and groups to volunteer in a variety of ways. Volunteers may be needed to paint, landscape, or renovate LSC group homes, or help in the recruitment of foster families. Volunteers are also needed to help refugees acclimate to life in the U.S. by tutoring English, mentoring, providing transportation, or setting up homes or apartments for newly arriving refugees.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in LSC programs or communities:

Contact the program directly or email volunteer@LSCarolinas.net.

Learn more about in-kind contributions or volunteer services. To provide immediate assistance to LSC, donate now.

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Just One Story - Prudycize

One afternoon at Trinity Oaks health and rehab, resident Cindy Rentz heard Prudy Taylor’s booming voice – probably the biggest voice you’ll ever hear from such a petite woman – from all the way down the hall.