Wish Lists and In-Kind Giving

You can help LSC
by donating a wish list item below!

Senior Services
Wish List*

  • - Fabric
  • - Art Supplies

Refugee Services
Wish List*

  • - Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant)
  • - Sheets and blankets
  • - Adult bikes, helmets, and bike locks
  • - Children's shoes and clothing

Foster Care & Adoption Services Wish List*

  • - Diapers
  • - Formula
  • - New Car Seats
  • - Book bags and backpacks

To donate a gift from a wish list, contact mparrish@LSCarolinas.net or rduncan@LSCarolinas.net.

Moving to a smaller home that won’t handle that sofa? Changing a bedroom to an at home office? Couldn’t pass up a really good deal on a case of toothpaste? Consider in-kind giving.

Whether it’s a used kitchen table for a recently arrived refugee family, Panthers tickets for foster care kids, or toiletries and personal care items for people who have been homeless, new or gently items can greatly benefit the people and programs of LSC.

Programs like LSC refugee resettlement services rely heavily on the generosity of the community to provide major and minor items, (like furniture and toiletries), to support families during their transition to life in the United States. School supplies, clothing, and recreational items are always needed for children in foster care.

At the time of an in-kind donation, donors are asked to fill out an in-kind donation form, which asks for the item’s value. LSC does not determine a value for in-kind gifts. That is left to the donor and his or her tax representative. All donors who donate in-kind items will receive acknowledgement letters that can be used for tax purposes.

To learn more about other items needed and accepted by LSC programs or services near you, contact that program directly or call 1-800-HELPING. To contribute items to refugee services contact:

North Carolina:

Call: (919) 832-2620

or Email: NCrefugee@LSCarolinas.net

South Carolina:

Call: (803) 750-9917

or Email: SCrefugee@LSCarolinas.net

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