Foster Care and Treatment Parenting

LSC is in great need of caring adults to help children in North and South Carolina through family foster care, therapeutic foster care, and Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT). LSC also needs parents in the Columbia, S.C. area for its Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children program. Is there room in your heart to help? 

Sometimes because of abuse or neglect or because their parents have become unable to care for them, children are left without the love and support they need to lead happy and productive lives. Foster and treatment parents guide and support children through unimaginable struggles and challenges. With supervision and support from LSC, loving families provide care to approximately 500 children across the Carolinas each year.

LSC offers three levels of care to meet the special physical and emotional needs of every child. For each level of care, LSC provides plenty of support and the appropriate resources for caregivers.  

Family foster care serves children and youth who must live apart from their parents because of abuse, neglect, or other circumstances. Family foster care is offered in North Carolina and South Carolina. For more, click here.

Therapeutic foster care serves children with challenges somewhat greater than normal, including medically fragile children and children who have emotional and behavioral issues that require counseling. Therapeutic foster care is offered in North and South Carolina. 

Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT) serves children with even greater challenges, including teens and preteens who exhibit difficult behaviors, who may have had multiple prior placements, and who need a high level of support, supervision and intervention. IAFT is offered in North Carolina. 

Some foster and treatment families will have the opportunity to adopt when reunification with a child's biological family is not possible. Finding permanent, safe, and supportive families for children is the ultimate goal.

Becoming a Foster Parent or Treatment Parent

Prospective foster or treatment parents must be licensed by their respective states and must:

  • Be able to provide a healthy, loving, nurturing home to a child
  • Be at least 21 years of age in NC or 25 years of age in SC
  • Have a stable, verifiable source of income
  • Rent or own their home
  • Successfully undergo background checks and training

Each foster and treatment parent receives comprehensive training, which includes First Aid/CPR Certification.

Foster and treatment parent benefits include:

  • Planned respite
  • Continuous training for identified needs
  • Competitive reimbursement that is based on the level of care provided

LSC foster parents and treatment parents receive 24/7 support from highly qualified and experienced staff, competitive reimbursement, liability insurance protection for all licensed therapeutic foster parents and the opportunity to meet with other foster and treatment parents.

Just One Story - "Foster care saved my life."
Damien McCoy


All children who end up in foster care have challenges, but Damien McCoy faced more than his share as a child. 


For information on foster and treatment care, including placements and referrals:

Email: or For specific information about the IAFT program email or call 336-893-5420; for information about the Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children program, email


Call 1-800-HELPING

Or contact the LSC child and family services office nearest you.

Charlotte, NC (704) 940-3333

Raleigh, NC (919) 832-2620

Wilmington, NC (910) 399-4970

Winston-Salem, NC (336-893-5420)

Charleston, SC (843) 694-5359

Columbia, SC (803) 750-9917

Florence, SC (843) 601-1243

Greenville, SC (843) 694-5359

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