Refugee Co-Sponsorship

Co-sponsors and volunteer support for refugees

A supportive community is key in successful resettlement for LSC refugees. To that end, LSC seeks local faith organizations, student groups, and compassionate individuals to help refugee families transition to life in the United States through co-sponsorship.

Generally, co-sponsors are asked to make a six-month commitment to help refugees with core services, which include:

  • Welcoming refugees at the airport for a positive arrival experience
  • Helping to set up apartments for newly arriving refugees
  • Providing assistance with integration into American culture (i.e. learning to shop at the grocery store, use postal services, ride buses, etc.)
  • Providing transportation to appointments
  • Assisting with ESL (English as a Second Language) classes or tutoring
  • Helping with job readiness (resume writing, interview preparation, etc.)
  • Providing emotional support

Those individuals who are not able to co-sponsor are encouraged to explore volunteer opportunities with LSC. These opportunities include:

  • English tutoring
  • Translation support
  • Mentoring
  • Employment development
  • Administrative office support
  • Apartment set-up for newly arriving refugees


Just One Story -

Welcome House - St. Andrews Lutheran Church

Damien McCoy


A partnership with St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Columbia provides safe housing and early support for newly arrived refugees.  


For more information on refugee co-sponsorship or volunteering:

In North Carolina, call (919) 832-2620 or email

In South Carolina, call (803) 750-9917 or email