Care Management & Caregiver Support

In order to support caregivers across North Carolina and to help more adults live successfully in whatever place they call home, LSC has expanded its network of geriatric care management and caregiver support.

Geriatric care managers assess client needs, develop plans to address those needs, and connect their clients with resources. They act as guides, counselors, and advocates for those trying to navigate the complex issues sometimes associated with health care and aging.

Geriatric care managers are often hired to:

  • Assess a client’s living situation to determine if the home is safe or how it can be made safe.
  • Help clients with questions regarding Medicare and Medicaid, including eligibility and enrollment.
  • Check in with older adults who live at a distance from other family members, observing changes, problems, or potential risks for exploitation or abuse.
  • Help clients review housing options.
  • Accompany clients on medical appointments to facilitate communication between the client and the doctor and also to follow up on doctor’s orders.
  • Help clients with legal issues, such as finding an attorney, securing a power of attorney, or completing advance directives.

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